Owner & Manager: John Posey

John Posey fell in love with the property 30 years ago and the concept of a long-term lake community for RVers made economic sense for lake-lovers like himself.  He considered a mobile home park, but soon realized that there were a lot of RVers who had invested quite a bit into their RVs but used them very little.  As an innovative entrepreneur, he noticed RVs parked in driveways or storage units rather than being enjoyed year round.

John opened the park to RV’s about 15 years ago and Meadow Parks has been growing ever since. There are now over 100 sites in the community and most of them are occupied.

Management Philosophy:

By having small neighborhoods of 15-20 RV’s per development area, there is more of a sense of community and camaraderie within each neighborhood.

Management Policies:

The only hard and fast rule at Meadow Park is, “The Golden Rule.” As John says, “Get along with your neighbors and Mayor John.”

John Posey

Manager & Owner John Posey

“Give people a feeling of space. Plant more trees and bushes! Create a blending of nature and nurture.”
– John Posey

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